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Gatherings allows you the option to get parts of our signature First Forty package that best fit your needs!


Just finished your 5 weeks of the First Forty and love our drinks and snacks? Need a couple weeks of nourishing meals for a medical recovery? Pregnant and need healthy, balanced breakfasts or snacks for on the go? This is the option for you!


Package options:

Snacks & Drinks

  • 3 snacks (12 muffins, 2 protein based offerings)
  • 3  beverages (2-12oz bottles each)


Breakfasts & Drinks

  • 3 breakfasts (12 muffins, 2-32oz offerings)
  • 3  beverages (2-12oz bottles each)


Mains & Drinks

  • 3  mains dishes (3-4 servings per dish)
  • 3  beverages (2-12oz bottles each)


Explore How it Works and Sample Menu sections below for more information.

  • Order Deadline

    For delivery or pick-up on Thursday, orders must be received:

    • Harvest to Highchair - 8:00am on Tuesday
    • Harvested - 8:00am on Sunday
  • Freshness and Use Policy

    This Agreement is the entire agreement between the parties subject to the above purchase of Harvested and Harvest to Highchair goods and services and supersedes all earlier agreements regarding the subject matter, including, without limitation, any business forms, proposals, discussions or quotations. By purchasing, you understand that Harvested and Harvest to Highchair Harvested food products must be refridgerated immediately upon receipt and consumed or used within seven (7) days of the delivery or defrost date.  Harvested and Harvest to Highchair disclaims any and all liability from any Harvested and Harvest to Highchair Harvested foods served after the seventh (7th) day following delivery.

  • How It Works

    You'll receive an email from us with a menu to choose your options. Click the boxes and hits's just that easy!

    Please check your SPAM folder in case it gets caught in your filter or add to your contacts...and, please don't unsubscribe to our emails during your subscription.  

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