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You just endured one of the most strenuous physical endeavors there is - you brought your little one into the world. 

These meals and snacks make the perfect self-care plan for yourself or your newly postpartum family and friends. Let's send new families what they actually need -
no more onesies or blankets.

Newborn Baby
  • packed pantry

    Every week
    Ensuring you have a full array of fresh and warming meals
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • 3 mains (3-4 servings per)
    • 3 breakfasts (3-4 servings per)
    • 3 snacks (3-4 servings per)
    • 2 beverages (2-12oz bottles each)
    • 1 broth (2-12oz bottles each)
  • helping hands

    Every week
    Perfect for families who need a little help with healing meals
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • 2 mains (3-4 servings per)
    • 1 breakfast (3-4 servings per)
    • 1 snack (3-4 servings per)
    • 1 beverage (2-12oz bottles)
    • 1 broth (2-12oz bottles each)
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Our new subscription platform allows you start the first forty when your little one is scheduled to make their arrival!

Just enjoy the comfort of knowing you will have healthy, nurturing meals delivered to your door. Simply choose when you would like your program to start, and we'll take care of the rest.

sample menu options

Main Dishes

Chicken Veggie Soup

Blended Lentil + Squash Soup

Chicken + Veggie Curry 

Whole 30/Paleo Casseroles


Oats + Chia with Pecans + Fruit

Prune Bread Muffins

Seasonal Fruit Muffins

Hearty Grain-free Granola


Quinoa Tabbouleh

Almond Butter Protein Hearts

Protein Balls



Cinnamon Pecan Milk

Turmeric Ginger Lemonade

Bone Broths

Veggie Seaweed Broth

*These are only a small sample of our full menu. You will receive a weekly email to choose from the full menu.

**Some of our teas are suited for post-partum and not suitable for pregnancy. Please ask before ordering if you are pregnant.

Nature + Nurture logo

Just like your body needs nutritional support labor, your body also needs self-care support. Doula services from Clare Parks and her hand blended, thoughtfully formulated herbal products are the perfect addition to your postpartum routine. 

Granola ingredients

Local deliveries are on Thursdays with orders of $100 minimum unless otherwise arranged. Our deliveries are primarily made between 7am-9am. Please plan to leave a cooler out if you will not be available. Click here for a list of current delivery zip codes.


If you are interested in having an order shipped, please contact us directly to set up. Orders are shipped for two day delivery to maintain the integrity of our food on dry ice. 

Harvest to Highchair baby food
Maddex Mercantile 

We are so excited to announce you can now shop locally at Maddex Mercantile!

Our fridge and freezer are regularly stocked with Harvest to Highchair baby food and other Harvested staples like our soups, broths and drinks.

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