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Fresh Spinach

Harvest to Highchair is perfect for busy parents who want to provide the highest quality baby food to their little ones.

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How do you know what your little ones like if they can't taste them one at a time?

Our purées are simple small-batch, single-process fruits & veggies to give you the opportunity to introduce solids intentionally and give your little ones an authentic experience with food.

Next...we mix and match our purées, or add herbs & spices, to really start taking advantage of all those taste buds & build a more robust palate. 

It is as close to nature as possible.

With our new subscription platform, you get the same great service you know and love, just in a more convenient way to order and manage.

  • little appetite

    Every 4 weeks
    • 14 - 2oz jars per week
    • Unlimited access to Learn for recipes, downloads and more!
  • big appetite

    Every 4 weeks
    • 14 - 4oz jars per week
    • Unlimited access to Learn for recipes, downloads and more!

valid until cancelled

Granola ingredients

Local deliveries are on Thursdays with orders of $100 minimum unless otherwise arranged. Our deliveries are primarily made between 7am-9am. Please plan to leave a cooler out if you will not be available. Click here for a list of current delivery zip codes.


If you are interested in having an order shipped, please contact us directly to set up. Orders are shipped for two day delivery to maintain the integrity of our food on dry ice. 

Harvest to Highchair baby food
Maddex Mercantile 

We are so excited to announce you can now shop locally at Maddex Mercantile!

Our fridge and freezer are regularly stocked with Harvest to Highchair baby food and other Harvested staples like our soups, broths and drinks.

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