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big appetite bundle

big appetite bundle


Now that you know what your little one likes and they're crushing some jars, this bundle of 4oz jars of blends of our pureés are perfect for your little one's appetite .


Fourteen 4oz jars explore more intense flavors with herbs & spices, and blends of our pureés that will perfect suit their palate.

  • Freshness and Use Policy

    This Agreement is the entire agreement between the parties subject to the above purchase of Harvest to Highchair goods and services and supersedes all earlier agreements regarding the subject matter, including, without limitation, any business forms, proposals, discussions or quotations. By purchasing, you understand that all Harvest to Highchair baby food products should be kept refrigerated and consumed, used, or frozen within seven (7) days of the “born on” date found on the label of each jar of Harvest to Highchair baby food.  Harvest to Highchair disclaims any and all liability from any Harvest to Highchair baby food served after the seventh (7th) day following the “born on” date marked on each jar of Harvest to Highchair baby food.

  • Order Deadline

    For delivery or pick-up on Thursday, orders must be received:

    • Harvest to Highchair - 8:00am on Tuesday
    • Harvested - 8:00am on Sunday

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