There are many healthy baby food options in the store, why Harvest to Highchair?

There are many good, even organic, options in the stores; however, the products have to be pasteurized and made shelf stable. The pasteurization and shelf stability process involves cooking the jarred food at extremely high temperatures to kill bacteria for longer storage, at the same time taking out many of the food's vitamins, nutrients and taste.

Harvest to Highchair produce is cooked by steaming or roasting for the most flavor, pureed and hot filled into sterilized jars for delivery within 24 hours or flash frozen in one-ounce cubes. The inherent nutritional value and taste of the produce is retained and there is less handling of the puree once ready for packaging.

What comes in a subscription order?

Each Big or Little Appetite subscription includes fourteen 2- or 4-ounce jars per week of a wide assortment of vegetable and fruit purees. Your order of jars will arrive in an insulated bag for you to keep or you are welcome to return it to us with your jars for sterilization and reuse. Otherwise, because the jars we use are glass, they can be recycled in your recycle bins. Our fresh to frozen subscriptions will include 8 packs for Little Appetites or 16 packs for Big Appetites of seven 1-ounce packs of fresh to frozen single purees. We ship in insulated boxes with dry ice to maintain the integrity of the food.

Where is Harvest to Highchair produced?

All Harvest to Highchair baby food is produced in a South Carolina DHEC approved kitchen. With over 60 hours of training in hazard analysis and critical control point management, we are a certified food safety manager. Harvest to Highchair has also been inspected by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture and is registered with the FDA.

What if my child has a food allergy?

Please let us know if your child has a specific food allergy and that will not be included in your jar assortment or any mixture you receive. However, please note that we are currently working in a cooperative kitchen to prepare Harvest to Highchair foods so there may be nut or wheat flours used in the facility.

Is Harvest to Highchair organic?

Not all of Harvest to Highchair is organic. If there is produce available to us that is organic and requested, we will use organic. However, we work in a kitchen that is not certified organic so we are unable to be fully organic. The water we use for production is purified bottled water.

Does Harvest to Highchair have an expiration date?

Each jar of Harvest to Highchair will have a born on date on the label. All Harvest to Highchair jarred food must be used or frozen within seven days of this date. Each package of Harvest to Highchair fresh to frozen packs will also have a born on date on the tamper resistant seal. All Harvest to Highchair fresh to frozen food should be kept frozen and used within six months of the born on date.

The pouches are so much easier and portable, why don’t you use those for packaging?

The pouches are portable and user-friendly. However, only the caps are made of #2 recyclable plastic and are typically too small to be accepted at most recycling facilities. The pouch itself is multilayered plastic and foil and therefore, non-recyclable. In addition, pouches don't allow for your little ones to further develop the crucial oral motor skills and social interaction of being fed with a spoon.

What level should I choose?

Babies are born with both a sucking reflex and an extrusion reflex. The sucking reflex is beneficial for suckling a breast or bottle and when it comes to feeding this is what they’ll use for their first few months of life. An extrusion reflex is when babies will push any food placed on their tongue out the front of their mouth. Between the ages of 4 and 6 months, most babies are developmentally ready to get their first taste of solid foods. It is at this point in development, babies begin to lose the extrusion reflex.

Stage I – age 4 months+
Stage II – age 6 months +

How much will my child eat?

Most children will start out eating about 1 to 2 ounces of puree per meal. Each of our weekly deliveries include fourteen 2- or 4-ounce jars.
Begin with Stage I to start solids but as your child begins to develop their palate and show interest in new flavors, you should step through the stages for more diversity and textured purees with the introduction of herbs and spices. If you have opted into a one- or three-month subscription, you can change from Stage I to Stage II within your subscription package with no surcharge.

Is delivery included?

Harvest to Highchair jars will be delivered within one day of production to your home. Minimum purchase of $40 for free delivery of non-subscription purchases.

Shipping fees for our fresh to frozen depend on your geographic location and will be calculated at check out. We ship on dry ice and 2 day air to maintain the integrity of our food. Overnight shipping is available, please inquire for cost.

What is your returns or cancellations policy?

All sales are final. However, if you are moving outside of the delivery area, you can cancel the remaining weeks of a subscription with a refund the remaining weeks on a prorated basis, or we can change to a fresh to frozen subscription for the remainder of your subscription. Proof of new address must be provided for cancellation to be finalized.

How is the fresh to frozen shipped?

Harvest to Highchair fresh to frozen orders will be shipped on dry ice and two day delivery to maintain the integrity of our food. Overnight shipping is available, please inquire for cost. Shipments are sent on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Any orders received on Thursday or Friday will be sent on the following Monday or require a surcharge for overnight or Saturday delivery. If slightly thawed but still cold, simply place the packs in the freezer upon receipt. Portions are individually wrapped to allow for this.

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