Buy bundles of our shakables and save! Our shakables are nutritionally balanced and flavored from nature...ready to blend drinks made with our fresh to frozen cubes for families on the go.


Tastes like...

apple-de-do-da with apples & sweet potato (apple pie) - out of stock

boo-boo-berry with blueberries & spinach (chocolate blueberries)

carrotastic with carrots, apple & sweet potato (carrot cake) - out of stock

matcha mama with seasonal fruits, spinach & green tea (fruity green tea)

melon-me-crazy* with cantaloupe & sweet potato (frozen push pop)

orangilicious* with orange & butternut squash (creamy orange popsicle)

peachy keen with peach & summer squash (peach cobbler)

punky pie with pumpkin & pear (pumpkin pie) - out of stock

straw-brrrr-y with strawberries & zucchini (chocolate covered strawberries)


*contains dairy

beyond the highchair shakable bundles

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