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super foods

Several moms have asked us what our go to foods are for introduction at Harvest to Highchair. All fresh fruits and veggies are fantastic but there are a couple that we really consider to be ‘super foods’ and are perfect for first foods. These are our top four favorites...

harvest to highchair avocado baby food

• Avocados would probably be the one fruit we most recommend for a first food. Most fruits are high in carbohydrates, but avocados are loaded with a healthy fat that is a natural anti-inflammatory and have more potassium that bananas. With a neutral flavor, avocados don’t appeal to the inherent sweet tooth and have a wonderful creamy texture. We recommend a quick whip with breast milk or formula for a really rich treat. • Sweet potatoes may be one of nature’s unsurpassed sources of beta carotene which helps the body produce vitamin A. Although a starchy vegetable, sweet potatoes are shown to help regulate blood sugar. Plus, they are low fat and cholesterol free. As far as taste, babies love the sweeter taste and smooth texture. They’re delicious with cinnamon or cumin, or mix well with apples or blueberries. • Beets are chocked full of great nutrients like beta carotene, potassium and calcium; however, it’s hard to believe how much fiber is packed into beets. Fiber helps little tummies stay full and regular which helps with a great night sleep for baby and mama! Their sweet, earthy flavor is best enhanced by roasting and they’re a great mix with cauliflower or broccoli. • Blueberries are the antioxidant powerhouse full of micronutrients that support bone growth and a healthy heart. Unlike other berries like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, blueberries belong to a different family so it’s safe to introduce earlier in development. Purée with basil or cinnamon for a more advance palate or mix with sweet potato for a extra nutritional punch.

Enjoy! Xoxo...Ann

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