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seasonally fresh

What's so important about seasonally fresh? We just called one of our regular sources for local produce to see when we might see some strawberries. It got us thinking about the importance of this phrase and how we use it at H2H all the time.

strawberry baby food

When you buy strawberries in the grocery store, have you ever looked at the label to see where they are grown? Here in South Carolina our season for strawberries ranges from February/March to May/June...really depending on the harshness of the Winter and developing Spring weather...but they are a Spring fruit. Anytime you purchase outside that season in this region, they will generally be from California, Florida, Mexico, hydroponically grown, or previously frozen. Have you ever noticed that maybe 1/3 of the top of each berry might be white or green? It's because the fruit has been pushed for harvest and sale. Usually, it's a more tart or acidic flavor and a firmer fruit.

So that goes back to why seasonally fresh? When you purchase produce that is in season locally, you are getting the fruit or veggie at its best. Ready for prom and dressed in its finest. For strawberries, this is when the berries are the sweetest, juiciest and most flavorful. Because they are grown right here and not shipped across the country or in from another country, they are highest quality in nutrition, taste, and look....remember, we eat with our eyes first...because they are to your fridge faster after being harvested. And, they have time to fully develop and ripen so they are bright red right up to the very stem.

Seasonally fresh is one of our priorities because it allows your little one to really know what something is supposed to taste and look like and they will look for that high quality every time. It's about an authentic experience with food for a long term love of healthy food.



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