Nutritionally-balanced and flavored from nature! Ready to blend healthy smoothie starters made with our fresh to frozen cubes for families on the go. Watch each pack become a delicious, plant-based 
drink for growing minds and bodies in just seconds.  Our delicious flavors will tempt the taste buds of everyone!


apples & butternut squash with a
hint of vanilla & cinnamon that
tastes like grandma's apple pie


carrots, sweet potatoes,
& apples...oh my
it's like carrot cake in a cup


cold-pressed orange juice paired with butternut squash & greek yogurt
it's sherbet, baby

punky pie

pumpkin, apple & greek yogurt dusted with a house-made spice mix
it's pumpkin pie ala mode

matcha mama

fresh berries & spinach with wildcraft matcha...a perfect pick-me-up after 

a late night with little ones


blueberries & spinach with cacao...
now that is a yummy way
to start the day


cantaloupe & sweet potatoes
paired with greek yogurt...tastes
like an old-fashioned push-pop

peachy keen

peaches with summer squash sprinkled with cinnamon & vanilla

just like mama's cobbler


strawberries & zucchini
with cacao for a delicious
chocolate-dipped strawberry snack

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charleston, south carolina