Our products range from our small batch, fresh baby food available in both jars or frozen, little bites and healthy smoothies for baby-led weaning and toddler snacks to elderberry syrup and lemonnectar to support whole family health.  Enjoy our products as weekly and bi-weekly delivered subscriptions.

Stage I - Single Purées and Fresh to Frozen

How do you know what your little one likes if they don't have an opportunity to try it? 
Our Stage I purées, in both jars and our fresh to frozen cubes, are simple small-batch, single-process fruits and veggies to allow you to introduce solids intentionally and give
an authentic experience with food.

Stage II - Creamy Combos and Blends

You know what your little one likes...now let's build a bigger palate! 
Our Stage II jars and fresh to frozen pairing suggestions build on the foundation you've already set in Stage I. We match each of our purées with other fruits and veggies, or herbs and spices, to really start taking advantage of all those taste buds and build a more robust palate. 


Flavored from nature and ready to blend, beyond the highchair Shakables are perfect healthy smoothie for kids made with our fresh to frozen cubes for families on the go. A delicious, nutritionally balanced drink made with both fruits and veggies for growing minds and bodies in just 60 seconds.  

Little Bites

Perfect for baby-led weaning, toddlers ready to explore more texture and self feeding...and even big kids! Choose from a seasonally fresh menu of pastas, fruit or veggie salads, mini muffins, and other yummy bites.

Family Products

Our elderberry syrup is perfect for little and big palates with a smooth, milder flavor. Two sweeteners...honey or cane syrup...makes it a great addition to a family's daily routine.


Our LemonNectar is a delicious drink for the whole family to enjoy. Cold pressed meyer lemon juice, ginger, and honey make for a zesty additional to hot water or seltzer...or just enjoy on it's own!

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