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lead with kindness and respect

Just to start...please excuse my soapbox but I had an experience recently that I felt the need to share as a lesson for all of us raising little people.

I don't know about you, but I certainly want to raise a kind child. Not a pushover but a kind person who doesn't knowingly hurt other's feelings but treats other people with respect. We are ALL going through our own struggles and raising children during a worldwide pandemic is not for the faint-of-heart.

Recently, one of our daughter's friends had to quarantine because an older sibling tested positive. Her parents did the exact right thing by alerting the school, testing multiple times (which were all negative), proactively quarantining before exposing the class, and following all CDC and DHEC guidelines. Unfortunately, several weeks later a totally different child tested positive in class thus necessitating the entire class to quarantine.

And this is where the lesson comes....when the quarantine was announced, a parent had the audacity to reach out to first family and accuse them of exposing their child. Really...are we there now? Shaming and guilting people for being exposed to a virus that is as pervasive as COVID-19??? Yes...we know it's a pain...but this is the time to show your little ones how to be resilient and respectful. Children learn by example and right now, their examples are their parents, grandparents, teachers, and other adults in your inner circle. Choose those people wisely and know when you need to step in a use other's behavior as examples of how not to act and treat will serve them well in the future.

Again...apologies for the soapbox but bullying and shaming just don't sit well with me. xoxo...Ann


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