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It’s been a busy couple of weeks around Harvest to Highchair and we have some fun announcements coming up. Today, we took a couple hours to hit the trails with our little one and enjoy some time outside. It got me thinking about how different my childhood was from kids today. Some thoughts I had while we walked the woods...

Build Some Autonomy When I was little, my mom opened the door after breakfast and told us not to come home until it was dusk or dinnertime. Our older siblings were charged with watching over us and boy, I have some interesting stories about that. This isn’t quite as feasible as it was 35 years ago but it’s important that kids have the opportunity to spread their wings and play independently...outside. It builds confidence and a better understanding of the world. You can set parameters such as 'stay in the yard' or 'stay between two markers on the beach' and still keep an eye out. Let Them Get Dirty My country grandmother used to say “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.” While it’s a funny saying, there’s total truth in those words. I’ve never seen our little one as happy as she is when she’s covered in sand digging holes at the beach, or helping us plant in the garden. Every kid loves a good mess so let them get messy. Make mud pies in the yard...dig holes at the beach...or just cook something and let them use their hands to mix. Kids learn by doing so let them do! Most importantly, take a breather from life to enjoy family time and get your own hands dirty, too. These moments are fleeting so recognize the opportunities and embrace them. Xoxo...Ann

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