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Our 8-oz bottles of elderberry syrup are formulated in partnership with Nutrition Rites registered dietitans. A mild formula that kids and parents alike will love. Recommended daily serving: 1 teaspoon for children 1 tablespoon for adults Keep refrigerated for up to four (4) months and shake well before serving. **this product contains honey and should not be given to children under the age of one year.

elderberry syrup

  • This Agreement is the entire agreement between the parties subject to the above purchase of Harvest to Highchair goods and services and supersedes all earlier agreements regarding the subject matter, including, without limitation, any business forms, proposals, discussions or quotations. By purchasing, you understand that all Harvest to Highchair elderberry syrup should be kept refridgerated and consumed or used within four (4) months of the “born on” date found on bottom of each bottle of Harvest to Highchair elderberry syrup.  Harvest to Highchair disclaims any and all liability from any Harvest to Highchair baby food served after the one-hundred-twentieth (120) day following the “born on” date marked on each bottle of Harvest to Highchair elderberry syrup.

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    We ship within one buiness day of order receipt and via USPS Priority mail.  

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