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the importance of being authentic

Harvest to Highchair strawberries

When we talk with new mothers, many have questions about the importance of eating clean, real food for babies; the difference between Harvest to Highchair and grocery store brands; and what exactly is palatetraining. The answer to most everything is...we are trying to help your little one build life-long, healthy eating habits and an innate acceptance of natural food variables. For instance, think about strawberries. Not every berry is the same shape, size, color, or even, flavor from one to the other. Harvest to Highchair embraces these variables and allows your little one a more authentic experience with food that builds a more accepting and diverse palate.

*As an example, the pureed strawberries in the photo are from the same farm, prepared together, and pureed in the same blender. The variable of color saturation from each batch, side-by-side shows how easily it can happen. Pretty amazing, huh?? Commercially prepared baby food is processed aseptically to eliminate these variables. Every jar or pouch maintains the same color, taste, and texture. However, in order to produce this ‘quality’ many of the inherent vitamins and nutrients, as well as taste, are also cooked out. Later, when finger foods are introduced...with the natural variables and enhanced flavor...many little ones will develop the dreaded ‘picky eater’ status. We mainly attribute that to their lack of a developed palate due to a limited introduction to real food. Remember, what you do now is setting them up for life-long, healthy eating habits. We recommend keeping it authentic and real. Xoxo...Ann

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