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am I doing it wrong?

Harvest to Highchair baby food

This is the question we get the most from new moms introducing solids.’re not doing it wrong! There’s no exact road map for introducing solids, or really anything when it comes to babies. Every child, every mother, every family is different and it’s important to embrace those differences. There are a few rules of thumb that we recommend, but they are just that...recommendations...except one... • Introduce solids one by one. You won’t know if your little ones truly likes something if they don’t know what it tastes like and is mixed with another fruit or veggie. It also helps to rule out potential digestion issues and allergens.

• Start with a milder veggie or something more savory like a squash or avocado. Babies have over 10,000 taste receptors at birth and less than half by adulthood. We are predisposed to like sweets; so, if you start with sweet it’s not as easy to go savory later. • Speaking of allergens, don’t shy away from something because it’s a potential allergen. Studies show that early introduction can actually help ward away an allergy. However, that doesn’t guarantee a non-allergy so please proceed with physician recommendation and keen oversight.

• Most importantly, have fun!


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